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I’m writing this review since that time, there happen to be lots of developments with regard from what they offer and as my preceding article was written back in 2012.

First, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has totally transformed and has caused it to be incredibly easy to make use of the VPN service making it a much less frightening program to make use of for those who might be new to using a VPN service. P2P use is supported by CactusVPN, but only when connected to their NL (Netherlands) servers and continue not to keep any user logs. Only also have added a Romanian server which additionally enables P2P use.

CactusVPN also have another service called Smart DNS which can function as a different service and is primarily for those who only need to get formerly geo-limited websites (such as Hulu, Netflix US or ABC from Great Britain or iPlayer and Netflix UK from the US) but doesn’t provide the good thing about the security and anonymity a VPN service may allow them. In this informative article however, I’ll be looking at both of the services made available from CactusVPN, checking specific websites to find out if I can really get them using their applications, plus I’ll also reveal some speedtest results when using various servers in different states to find out just how much of a speed reach you could see.

First, lets consider the costs for all the services they provide and which ones are not P2P chilly.

UK VPN – $ 4.99 per month. Contains 4 servers in UK (London, Maidenhead)
US VPN – $ 4.99 per month. Contains 4 servers (Los Angeles, Kansas City, Wilmington, San Francisco)
Liberty VPN (P2P/BitTorrent VPN favorable) – $ 4.99 per month. Contains 5 servers in Netherlands (Amsterdam)1 server in Romania (Bucharest)
CactusVPN Smart DNS – $ 6.99 per month. 15 servers (Los Angeles, Kansas City, Wilmington, San Francisco),UK (London, Maidenhead), Netherlands (Amsterdam),Romania (Bucharest). Smart DNS service contained.
Smart DNS – $ 4.99 per month. Unblock UK, US and Polish media sites. DNS servers are in UK, US and Asia.

CactusVPN are extremely competitive and offer quite a bit for either among the services you find yourself picking depending in your requirements as you can observe in the values above. For me I take advantage of the entire program which allows me access to all accessible servers in every single state, along with their DNS service. All of CactusVPN services additionally enable an individual to connect using various security protocols including, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and L2TP. If you’re a Windows user it is possible to link through SoftEther client which gives truly astonishing speeds to CactusVPN account. The drawback of the protocol is how it isn’t yet incorporated in CactusVPN software, but CactusVPN men promised to do this just as it’s not impossible. Best SmartDNSProxy (Windows instructions that are here, instructions are on the CactusVPN website) why and should you need a simple explanation about which one is more protected, then take a look at their post here. Nevertheless, for the primary user who’s trying to find adequate internet security their house connection or whilst using a free wifi connection, then the default option PPTP will suffice. It’s possible for you to change to either among the other protocols that are protected if you like. Additionally, user logs, which can be an important advantage to those who need anonymity for his or her browsing habits at the same time within their everyday lives are not retained by CactusVPN.

There are a number of useful set up tutorials here for apparatus and the operating systems which are supported. The set up tutorial are available here, as well as the software may be downloaded here. If you would like to connect your CactusVPN service (advocated for when using free sure wifi connections when out as well as around) for your Android apparatus subsequently see my older post here.

Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8)
Mac OS X
IOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)
DD-WRT Router

Right then, lets look at begin to make use of the program and the best way to download it. Primarily, head to the primary CactusVPN website and find the Pricing tab near the very top of the page that will allow you to pick which bundle you would like to get. You’ll be e-mailed user log after you have purchased the bundle you require. You’ll need these to sign in after installing the program. Please be aware that during the install you might view a warning about the TAP-Win32 Adapter. You might be totally safe to click finalising the install, and Continue Anyhow.

Once the application has been installed by you, you’re ready to start. Put in your Username and Password that you had been given from CactusVPN in your purchase confirmation e-mail, check the box to remember your password in the event that you reach and enjoy Sign In.