Watch Lovefilm on the iPad Beyond the UK

Since Lovefilm has found their program for the I pad it would be nice in the event that you could see a movie while abroad on vacation or travelling. So you will need to some trickery that is easy to get it functioning, nonetheless the program just works in the united kingdom.

To start with you want access to the app that is I pad and it is not just unavailable in the UK app store so unless you’ve got a UK credit card you’re out of luck.

Strategy Lovefilm Into Believing you are in the UK
Lovefilm may check the IP number of your I-pad when linking to the support and should you be outside the UK you will be blocked from using the app. Through the use of a service like Hide My Ass, a straightforward way to get around this is. That way you’re able to simply have your I pad link to a server in the united kingdom while abroad and Lovefilm will now presume you’re back and enable you to supply. It really is that straightforward.

After opted to Hide My Ass you sign in to your account and choose one of the VPN Windows 8 hosts in the united kingdom. Note your username along with the IP address and password down. Then take your I-pad and try to find configurations“>>system“>>vpn and add a fresh relationship. Select input and PPTP the information from above. Then only activate the VPN switch each single time you want to work with the Lovefilm iPad app while overseas and you’re ready to go.